At the end of 2015 Jula decided to invest in e-commerce yet again. The previous e-commerce project had been put on hold in 2011 as the company chose to focus on the expansion of the store network in Poland and the Nordic countries. The developed store network with associated logistics, a customer club comprising 2 million members, and a state-of-the-art central warehouse in Skara are now vital parts of the new investment in e-commerce. The goal is to take a share of the 60 billion that constitutes the retail percentage of e-commerce.


With the previous e-commerce investment, the challenge was to make the transition from mail order to e-commerce. This time the challenge was to bring everything together to get customers to shop at Jula, regardless of channel, as well as optimise the logistics solution for e-commerce. Customers who visit the e-commerce solution should want to shop at Jula. Thus, a simple and user-friendly process was required that retains the customer’s focus.


Jula’s new e-commerce solution is easy to follow and encourages visitors to navigate through the products. The buying flow is clear without distracting content – the customer can easily retain focus. In connection with the launch, Jula also launched free store delivery for e-commerce, introduced at four stores in Sweden.

A clear buying flow without distracting content.


Jula’s investment in e-commerce further develops the existing platform in Episerver Commerce, and the solution is operated in Episerver’s cloud solution DXC, which is based on Microsoft Azure. E-commerce has been integrated with a number of systems in which the business system M3, the PIM system inRiver and the payment solution Adyen are key elements.

The result

E-commerce is now available in Sweden, Norway and Poland. On the day of the première, 3,000 curious visitors visited the website and the number of completed purchases was higher than anticipated.

“We are very satisfied with Knowit Experience and regard them as one of our strategic digital partners. Together we will now continue to develop e-commerce and review the strategic choices that have to be made,” says Henrik Ljungdahl, CIO at Jula.

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