Illustration showing how photos are transferred from a telephone to the cloud

Load and edit

The new Fuji Direkt isn’t only an web shop, it’s also a powerful editing tool for photographic products. Here, you have the ability to create your own personal pho products from images you upload yourself. 

Photo products

Create and order for delivery home

With the help of the photo editor you can edit your pictures to produce customised photo products that meet your expectations – it is this that sets Fuji Direkt apart from traditional web shops.

A stack of photos

Unique photo products

In the solution, it is possible to create your own photo products via digital editing. Upload, compose and order – your unique photo product is created and delivered to your home.

A photo album that can be ordered

For PC and mobile phone

The interface is responsive,allowing you to order copies of photographs from the web solution directly from your phone. This is after all where most photographs are kept these days.

Blue Xamarin logo

Recycle .NET code for the apps

The solution is based on .NET, EPiServer and powerful back end systems for image handling. With the help of Xamarin technology, the code base could be recycled for the implementation of the mobile app version of the solution.

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