Carve out process support – Ferry company


  • The client company was founded by a carve-out in 2015
  • Our management consultants in finance, cooperated with the client since 2012 when the former owner initiated the selling process
  • After the carve-out, the client needed to rapidly establish a standalone organization. To accomplish this, the formation of vital organizational functions as well as setting up an infrastructure with ERP and operational systems was a necessity

What we did

  • Developed and established the new company’s finance department
  • Supported daily operations during the transition period from old to new reporting structure and processes
  • Managed the budget process
  • Developed and implemented a business intelligence system to enable fact-based decision-making and support the reporting process

“Support in various fields helped to establish a stable & well-functioning organization.”


  • A fully operating finance department implemented within the tight time frame and ready to support the standalone entity
  • An established structure and connected processes for reporting and budgeting to meet the new owner’s requirements
  • A business intelligence system enabling continuous monitoring of key operational and financial metrics. The system supports decision-making and prioritization at all company levels as well as the reporting and budget processes
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