The Swedish Media Council works to empower children and young people as conscious media users, and to protect them from harmful media impact. The Council monitors the impact of media on children and young people, disseminates information and offers guidance on the media situation of children and young people, with the internet becoming increasingly important. Knowit has been the digital partner of the Swedish Media Council for three years. Our role is to develop and maintain its principal channel and associated features and solutions such as the Nohate campaign website with tutorials, movies, podcasts and more, and #MIKFÖRMIG with e-learning and quizzes to best interact with and engage the target groups. The main target group is children and young people aged 0-18, and in order to reach this group the Swedish Media Council also addresses facilitators such as teachers, librarians, parents and other adults in proximity to children.

It is crucial that the website, its features and campaign domains are good, attractive and work smoothly and quickly. The development has included responsive design in order to be easily accessible and user-friendly. It is about being able to address all children and young people regardless of where they are, their social environment, disabilities, different technical devices like phones, laptops, tablets and screen formats, etc. The website includes sign language, an audio function and a simplified language filter. Knowit has placed particular focus on a new publishing tool for easier editorial management, a multi-faceted search function, a cloud-based operating environment for cost-effective and more secure capacity utilisation, and graphic design. was named one of the 10 best websites in the public, care and organisation sectors in 2017.

"It’s great that we at Cybercom (Knowit) got to work with a project that really makes a difference for children and young people. And it’s a real bonus that the client is both professional and fun to work with" ,

Johan Stenborg, Head of Knowit Sundsvall

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