The catalog service will still be controlled from the municipality’s own system. This is important for various reasons. One is that the system is linked with other institutions, such as Swedish healthcare system catalogs, the school system and other operational systems in the municipality.

Developed and managed by Knowit

Knowit is helping the municipality develop the catalog service and is contributing with identification systems, integration with other operational systems and system management.

The new cloud-based infrastructure provides an open environment where it will be much easier to develop new web services. Flen also expects to cut costs considerably.

The new online services create a closer relationship between the municipality and citizens, which is inevitably going to recast the local authority’s approach and working methods. Digitalisation puts focus on citizens and makes it easier for them to be part of society and makes it easy, secure and accessible to use municipal services around the clock. At the same time, the municipality saves resources, energy and costs.

Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

The goal is aimed at promoting peaceful and inclusive societies and justice for all. It also involves building efficient, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Protection of personal data and privacy are prerequisites for people to be willing to act and communicate in digital environments.

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