The challenge

RiksTV’s junior app was launched in September 2014 and was now in need of a major upgrade of its range of entertainment. The aim was to offer more content from more channels, with the opportunity to watch television live. In addition, there was also a wish for the app to allow users to tailor content while the app remained simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

An extremely satisfied RiksTV Junior user on a tablet

The solution

With the help of insight gained from existing customers and beta groups, we have implemented changes based on needs and requirements. In addition, we have made use of many of the insights gained from Google Analytics to map use. Against this background, the new version of RiksTV makes it possible to watch even more series, films and channels, both live and at the user’s convenience. Not content with all of this new content, there are also new possibilities to make the app your own using profile settings where children can add favourite programmes, avatars and backgrounds.

Just like their parents, to a greater extent children are now consuming TV and video content on demand and on new platforms. RiksTV want to meet these changes in the viewing habits of children and young people by offering solutions that work for both children and parents. The RiksTV Junior app should be a universe where children can find their favourite programmes, while parents can rest assured that their children aren’t watching any inappropriate content.
RiksTV is extremely satisfied with their collaboration with Knowit on the design of the new RiksTV Junior app, where simplicity is central to the user experience, whether with regard to finding content or other functionality. Knowit has also assisted with the implementation of Google Analytics, providing us with valuable insights into the use of the app.

Birgitte Seim-Haugen – Producer of RiksTV Junior

Two extremely satisfied RiksTV Junior users

The result

The project was based on agile development whereby we see constant opportunities for improving the app. These are the result of user insights through analysis, beta versions and user testing. This is a continuing journey and we continually expand the range of content available to RiksTV’s customers.

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