The capacity and cloud services related to the service are provided from server rooms based in Finland and Amazon Web Services. As of the beginning of 2015, Kauppalehti's digital services were transferred to the Knowit Cloud that is the main backend service platform for the service. This means that Kauppalehti gets higher cost-efficiency, more data security and availability in situations where service end-users require that the 24/7 customer promise is kept.

Kauppalehti's digital service success and development in the media sector's transition has been built in close cooperation with the customer. Clearly, Kauppalehti is leading the way in digital services and paid content.

During the cooperation, spanning almost 20 years, we have developed an online service that meets the customer's business goals, is reliable, and is implemented, maintained and developed in a cost-effective way. Examples of important factors: Knowit's expertise, the technical competence of the staff, successfully executed projects, application operations and maintenance services, and capacity and cloud services. In addition, Knowit has contributed to the implementation of online service's previous publications, design and technical implementation.

The success story is based on years of cooperation throughout service life and on understanding the customer's needs in a changing business situation where traditional printed media services are taken to the digital.

"In particular, we have been happy with Cybercom's (Knowit's) ability to provide computer room services in a reliable, skilled way. Cooperation with them is fluent and flexible."

Pia Ruusukivi, director, Kauppalehti digital development

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