Bergen National Opera should project itself as distinctive, colourful, fun and fearless! It must be strong, elegant, professional, daring, inviting and intelligent.  

We have emphasised strong, sustainable and distinct profile elements and colours. The logotype must have broad appeal, long life and a solid form with its own stage space (rectangle) as an integral element. This form can be pulled out to become the stage floor. All letters in the logotype have then own individual form, but with a clear design affinity that symbolises diversity, collaboration and the ensemble. Variation in the configuration of the ensemble, the type of production and audience is one of the most differentiating characteristics of the Bergen National Opera and this has been an important element to be interpreted in the preparatory work.

Variation and dynamism was reflected in the choice of material, colour palette, logotype details and format. The rectangle in the logo also functions as a standalone symbol. 

The supporting typography is related in form to the logo typography and has varying degrees of decorative detailing. Typography and text are a powerful visual tool. Limited access to photographic material means we play up decorative typographic elements in combination with photographic expressionism.

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Urban Nyblom
Business Director, Knowit Experience Stockholm
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