“Thanks to Knowit’s expertise, we were able to quickly get to grips with our Amazon cloud solution. Knowit is adept at making the complicated simple, a responsive and able partner that is able to present recommendations and solutions in an educational manner. In collaboration with Knowit, we can scale up our solution and feel safe in the knowledge that our service is future-proofed.”

Mathias Hansson and Pierre Lindmark, founders of Winningtemp.

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Winningtemp is a Swedish innovation aimed at creating successful, healthy workplaces. This is made possible by Winningtemp’s unique engine for collecting data in real time. Using their platform, management and staff are able to follow a company’s development and wellbeing, with continuous insights into joint and individual goals and opportunities for continual improvement. As a startup, the most important thing is to be able to focus on their business idea, while remaining creative and keeping costs under control. The need existed for a secure administration of Winningtemp’s system platform while, at the same time, it was important that the solution be cost-effective.

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Knowit has a wealth of experience in implementing and managing public cloud solutions and we were tasked with ensuring that the system platform was administered in the most efficient and secure manner possible. After an introductory phase with controls and focus on Winningtemp’s application and its needs, our architecture team produced a solution to meet the stated requirements. The installation of the environment was performed using AWS-based implementation, with principles and components such as multi-tiered infrastructure, correct use of security groups, VPN servers and Elastic Load Balancers, as well as the use of best practice with regard to tagging, principle of least privilege and stacked stacks. The goal was to create the necessary conditions for infrastructure and information security in relation to the importance of protecting information and the ability to accommodate scalability, accessibility and the exchange of information.

AWS Activate, a program designed specifically for startups, proved to be an effective springboard for quickly getting started.

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The result

It was important that the system developers had constant access to the system environment without the need to compromise on availability and security. The system now has the necessary characteristics for scalability, efficiency and security – important components for Winningtemp’s continued growth. The entire environment is now part of Knowit’s Managed Cloud Service, through which we take responsibility for monitoring and availability of the system platform. Winningtemp is in a position to continue to offer its customers a cost-effective, holistic solution with server, daily backup and free version upgrades.

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