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The world’s best indoor climate

Swegon’s mission is to create the world’s best indoor climate, for people and the environment. Their climate products contribute to increased comfort for users and greater sustainability for our planet.

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Painstaking work

Painstaking efforts are required to create the world’s best indoor climate and Swegon want to help their customers to get the greatest possible benefit from their products. As every product has unique settings, it was previously a challenge for the calibrator to both remember and calculate all of the values. Neither was it particularly straightforward to carry a computer containing all of the values around building sites and printouts quickly become outmoded. With increasing numbers of products, the job of calibration became at best more difficult and time consuming and at worst, impossible to perform correctly.

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Help at hand

This is why we helped Swegon to produce an app that supports their customers through the process of calibrating their installation. The calibrator receives clear access to all of Swegon’s products direct via telephone. Irrespective of whether they are trying to identify a device in the basement of a tower block without a mobile signal, or if they need to identify the correct value to provide fresh air to the conference room during a workshop. Help is at hand, to help in creating the world’s best indoor climate.

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