The challenge

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery wanted to reduce lead times in its CAE process, while also facilitating information usage for its users, in a more scalable, accessible context. It also wanted to be able to estimate costs and simulate products, in order to manufacture the right product. Further, the company wanted to be able to add information into the product model (including how it was constructed and could be constructed, a product description and information on who had worked on the product), rather than into the system. This would give a more general, flexible and system-independent way to manage product models, generating increased possibilities for analyses and decisions. 

The solution

Knowit Insight took part in performing a proof of concept in OPENPROD/MODRIO – a research project financed by the EU. In this proof of concept, a product model was devised which contained its own description and rules on product appearance and permitted product combinations. The solution also took into account how the product moves through its lifecycle, as regards status, who worked on the product and traceability, for instance. In order to achieve this, systems handling PDM requirements, CAE requirements, functional requirements and system requirements were integrated using a collaboration platform. 

The results

This was a successful project, which resulted in lead times being decreased by 70 %. Users could work in a cohesive environment and no longer had to cut and paste information manually between systems, providing a better user experience and improved data quality. The concept is also scalable to other disciplines. 

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