Husqvarna Group is a world-leading producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and garden tractors. Over the last few years, Husqvarna has paid great attention to the emerging area of Internet-of-Things. In late 2014 this resulted in the decision to start building an organization within the IT department Global Information Systems with the explicit responsibility to develop and operate the IT system solutions for connected products. Husqvarna identified the need for support to organize and staff such a department.


To ensure a successful implementation Husqvarna selected Knowit as one of its partners for creating the new department called Digital Solutions and Services. Knowit's management consultants aided in setting up the organization and defining the ways of working with focus on clear communication with other departments, agile methodology and a DevOps-oriented delivery chain.

Knowit also aided in staffing central roles in the development projects within the department with experienced and passionate consultants.


The Digital Services and Solutions department grew in headcount and in responsibility during 2015 and has been rewarded with great trust from other parts of Husqvarna Group. Solutions have been put into operation, and the methodologies and tool chains have been proven to work. Through this and other equally crucial activities, Husqvarna Group has gained much interest in its market and once again shows its ability to prosper from adapting to technological and market changes.

"There are a multitude of aspects to consider when entering into the area of connected systems. When setting out on this journey, we have very much appreciated the experience and the resources that Cybercom (Knowit) could put into our cooperation. Cybercom's (Knowit's) consultants have been very passionate, knowledgeable and keen on sharing information, which has enabled us to get up to speed amazingly fast and efficiently."

Jonas Florvik, Manager for Digital Solutions and Services at Husqvarna Group

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