Swedish milk is part of the solution.

Milk, cheese, butter

Mjölk.se contains information about Swedish milk, cheese and butter. The point of departure is milk in the glass, body, society and debate.

Two dairy cows in a meadow

Getting their message across

LRF Mjölk are behind the website. And behind them in their turn, Swedish dairy farmers, dairies and livestock associations. The intention is to convince that Swedish milk has a role to play; in a climate-smart and healthy diet, both for children and adults.

Boy drinking a glass of milk in his fathers embrace

Knowledge and trivia

The aim is to create a healthy mixture of knowledge and trivia that attracts visitors and encourages them to pass on the information. The focus has been on creating a good-looking, modern interface with the latest technology.

Coffee with milk.se

Single page application

The content of the website consists of a single page that displays a number of articles with associated puff pieces. The shape and pattern of the puff pieces is adapted according to which article should be most prominent – for example, what is most popular at the time – and the visitor’s screen size.

Miljö.se displayed on a desktop PC

Concept and website development

Knowit has contributed with the concept, design and development of the website. The site is responsive and built on EPiServer.

Swedish milk has an important role to play in meeting global challenges, with the world needing to produce the same amount of food over the next 40 years as during the last 8,000 years combined!

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