The challenge

DeLaval offers products, systems and services for every stage of milk production. The solutions are used by millions of dairy farmers worldwide, every day. While DeLaval is currently a world leader, the competition is fierce.

The relatively hierarchical internal structure was one of the greatest challenges in the project. Another was the fact that competence in product development is dispersed globally.

In addition to an external marketing challenge, there was also an internal cultural challenge. This internal challenge became obvious in that matters were often delegated upwards, to managers, who in turn were expected to have total control over their designated areas. This was a typical ”star” culture, with the manager in the middle. 

The solution

The transformation that Knowit Insight and DeLaval performed together consisted of an analysis of the management team. The results indicated that team members did not fully understand the corporate objectives and vision and did not know how to utilize one another. We appointed a spokesperson who acted as a mediator of collaborations.

After an entire year of hard work, DeLaval could determine a clear purpose and a joint vision. Furthermore, its employees could agree on how to act as role models in creating a “diamond” culture and structure, to strengthen collaborations throughout the organization. In parallel, an incremental work method was implemented, through which projects were subdivided into ten-week periods. Teams were also created with connections to multiple competence fields and geographic areas. 

The results

The transformation has resulted in that the client now works more clearly with group efficiency through quarterly measurements and development within each project. There is an increased focus on management training of both program management and other employees. Further, expectations are more clearly defined between key stakeholders.

The company is also working more with coaching and incremental development. Today, the members of management team serve as ambassadors, passing along their knowledge to the company’s many developmental projects. 

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