• A large finance organization with 60 employees in both central and de-centralized organizations, handling the closing of more than 230 legal entities
  • A high workload due to inefficient processes, including non-standardized time plans, lack of working routines and non-automated tools
  • Transactional focus rather than controlling and analysis supporting the organization

What was done


  • Mapping of current organization and processes including use of resources and systems
  • Workshops with staff in order to pinpoint solutions and co-jointly quantify potential of improvement and prioritization of initiatives
  • Presentation of improvements and targets for change with +30 achievable initiatives and a roadmap for implementation
  • Initiatives included changes in automation and standardization of processes
  • Estimation of potential and business case for large and measurable resource reductions within the organization




  • Reduction of non-value adding activities with 9000 hours per year
  • Plan set to release another 40 hours per employee during yearly closing
  • Clear structures established including process maps, clear deadlines, responsibilities etc.
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Head of services in finance
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