"When developing Embroline, we have appreciated the experience and the resources that Knowit could put into our cooperation. Knowit's consultants have done a great job brought with them a good practice from other industries, which has enabled us to accelerate the development of Embroline"

Martin Eklind, CTO, Inventech

Inventech Europe was founded 2003 specializing in technical product development and consists of a team with expertise in areas like mechanics, software, hardware, chemistry and physics. In 2009 Inventech narrowed down its focus to develop thread colouring solutions for the textile industry. Their patented technical solution is called the Coloreel technology and their first product is called Embroline. Embroline is a groundbreaking attachment for industrial embroidery machines and to reach the technical goals within limited time, Inventech needed support and resources from a consultant partner.

Inventech selected Knowit for their experience and availability of suitable consultants. Knowit has supported Inventech with software architects, embedded software specialists, Microsoft platform specialists and a user experience team. Today Knowit also helps with competence planning and as a strategic consultant partner.

With the support from Knowit, Inventech has been able to iterate through the planned prototype generations of Embroline with successful results and are on the brink of volume deliveries of a game changing product line to the embroidery business.

Won “Best Innovation of the year” & “Guldknappen”

In 2017 Coloreel was granted with 2.1 million Euros from The European Commission. They were also appointed for this year “Innovation award” at the fair Textprocess in Frankfurt. At Jönköping Galan 2017 Coloreel won the prestigious award “Best Innovation of the year”.

The fashion industry sees limitless possibilities with Embroline and during Stockholm fashion week 2016, Coloreel made a limited embroidery edition with the company STAND.

STAND recently received the prestigious Swedish design award “Guldknappen”.

Bo Strömqvist
Head of Client Development Knowit Connectivity
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