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The challenge

Knowit was tasked with migrating and to a new content management system. After migration, Knowit was also to take on the role of technical and strategic sounding board for the implementation of new functionality, structure and navigation, as well as the optimisation of the website. Different tasks but with the same goal – to deliver value and quality to the website.

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The solution

Both websites, and skoda-auto, were migrated to the SharePoint solution provided by Skoda’s technical HQ in the Czech republic. Today, Knowit is a strategic and operative partner to Skoda. Among other things, the operative tasks deal with the implementation of new car models, setting up and tagging campaign pages, continuous improvement of structure and navigation, developing calculators for leasing and functionality for lead generation. Strategically, Knowit acts as a sounding board for ideas for campaigns and other initiatives to turn visions into concrete solutions grounded in both user-friendliness and technology.

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The result

Skoda’s digital visitors are always greeted by a current, well-updated website. Irrespective of whether the visitor already owns a Skoda or is thinking or purchasing one, the paths forward are clear. With the aid of continuous web analysis and important databases, Skoda receives an insight into the visitor’s use of and interaction with the website. By employing a strategic web partner to carry out this comprehensive work, the client frees more time to create new ideas, visions and functions.

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