The challenge

Umeå Energi was facing exciting, difficult challenges when we began our collaboration. This is how our contacts described the case to us:

We need help in establishing a work method for evaluating and realizing business opportunities, with the goal of strengthening our position in the process chain and giving ourselves the chance to identify new business opportunities.

In other words, they needed guidance on how to become even more fleet-footed in order to meet the steadily increasing demands of their customers and to stand out among their competitors. 

A shrinking margin in the existing operations, and an analysis thereof, accentuated an obvious need for change. They needed help with the following tasks:

  • Defining objectives
  • Identifying the scope of the change
  • Estimating a timeframe for the change
  • Drawing up milestones and a roadmap

The solution

Our task became to help Umeå Energi adapt its organization to ”the new rules” and facilitate innovation-driven growth. The task was divided into three main sub-deliveries:

  1. Defining the starting point and end point of the journey and the management team’s strategic insight into the necessity of the journey (THE INSIGHT JOURNEY).
  2. Defining the crucial steps on the road toward renewal/change and the order in which these steps must be taken (THE CHANGE JOURNEY).
  3. Initiating the change journey toward the goal and creating a performance-based culture and steering model for the continued work (THE IMPACT JOURNEY).

The results

The task remains under our management, but the following items describe the main results we have delivered to date:

  • Clarifying the external pressure for change and the organization’s capacity for change, described in the form of an AS-IS position and a desired TO-BE position.
  • Identifying five epoch-making steps of change toward a new strategic vision for Ao Energilösningar, as well as identifying the order in which these steps should be taken.
  • Devising a steering model for the change efforts, at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, including a model for prioritizing projects. This was done in parallel with strategic coaching, program management of prioritized change projects and providing support to program managers.
  • Training the project steering group and project managers in an agile work method, in order to increase the client’s internal capacity for change and create a performance-based culture. 
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