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The challenge

Dong Energy faced a challenge in handling large amounts of data and, following the implementation of new legal requirements, Dong decided that the time was right to procure and implement new Meter Data Management System (MDMS), smart metering and services for their customers.


After implementing MDMS and smart metering, DONG are now able to process large amounts of collected data. They receive automated reports on consumption, trends and income-based meter reading. This means that DONG can quickly both identify possible problems, such as poor power quality on the grid, and remedy them. 

Knowit Insight helped Dong set up a sourcing strategy, supported them during the procurement process and provided reinforcement during the project. 

The result

Today, DONG Energy have a future-oriented solution that can meet tomorrow’s needs on a flexible electricity market – while at the same time they have ensured compliance with the current legislation and regulations. Their two capable suppliers are helping them achieve their goals, their project is proceeding successfully and they expect to be finished by 2020.

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