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Landshypotek Bank is the countryside’s own bank and one of the ten largest banks in Sweden. The bank is owned by its members and all profits are ploughed back into Sweden’s agriculture and forestry. With a new trademark, a new graphic profile and website were also required. Landshypotek Bank therefore sought the help of Knowit. There brief was a website that gathered all of their digital services, a place to better serve the needs of a wider target group.

The purpose of the new website was to establish a new brand platform with scope for increased sales of savings accounts, increase the profile of Landshypotek Bank and increase its customer base with new customers from outside the traditional farming and forestry sectors.

The project was implemented as an agile development beginning with the well-established principles of moving from analysis to concept and design. Together with Landshypotek Bank, and taking our lead from their new visual identity, Knowit developed a website based on responsive design and high usability demands. The website is characterised by a clear concept of conversion and continuous development, including actively collecting feedback from visitors.

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