Where young academics want to send their résumés

Published 13 Mar 2013

When young academics active on the IT job market relate which company they would most like to send their résumé to, Knowit is at the top. This is revealed in the annual survey Career Index carried out by the communication and employer branding company Communication. When the corresponding survey was carried out among students, Knowit was ranked as the second most interesting company.

Most surveys regarding how interesting companies are as employers to students and young academics are based on familiarity. Through its annual survey, Career Index, the company Communication has chosen to develop such measures by looking at the probability that the respondents would actually seek employ at the companies in question.

The 4,583 responses to the survey, from young academics who have been active on the job market up to eight years, are divided into various areas – economy, IT and technology. Akzo Nobel, Knowit and Apollo are at the top, respectively. These companies have the most loyal response groups among young active academics when it came to sending in a résumé. The measure is thus a more realistic representation of where the target groups will actually seek employment, as opposed to ranking the most popular and well-known companies.

– With the survey Career Index, we want to give as correct a representation as possible of the companies’ ability to attract students and young academics, says Svante Randlert, CEO and founder of Communication. We achieve that by asking an open question and looking at the probability that young people actually seek out the various companies. For the companies, this is important information, as there is a group which, despite finding a company interesting, do not intend to seek it out. Employer Branding is about getting high recruitment value rather than familiarity.

Communication was founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the staffing and recruitment company Academic Work. Communication helps employers become more attractive as employers to students and young academics. It helps companies understand and reach their target group and polish their offering toward them. Other products in the Communications’ portfolio are Careerbook, Employer Branding Academy and Employer Branding events on campus.

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