Knowit Oy seals deal on quality assurance for Kela - the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Published 04 Jul 2017

Knowit Oy and Kela have signed an agreement relating to the testing of application services for Kanta (the National Archive of Health Information), as part of a framework agreement between the parties. Knowit scored the highest overall points in the supplier tender and will therefore be treated as the primary supplier for testing services in accordance with the competitive tender rules. Kela estimates that it will acquire ICT services for quality assurance and testing for approximately 6 million euro.

During the contract period which began in June 2017 and ends in 2021 Kela will acquire ICT services for approximately 6 million euro.

”Knowit has extensive experience in IT system quality assurance as well as in supplying testing services. We see this agreement as an exceptional opportunity – enabling us to use our quality assurance and testing expertise towards improving systems created to serve all citizens in Finland.” says Ville Särmälä, CEO of Knowit.

The Kanta services, used by individual citizens, healthcare institutions and pharmacies, form a unique whole. The framework agreement covers testing planning, execution and management of the application services for Electronic Prescriptions, the Patient Data Repository, the Client Data Repository for Social Services, My Kanta Pages, My Kanta Personal Health Record as well as The National Pharmaceutical Database.

”Our joint goal is to ensure service reliability and good user experience for the end users of the Kanta application services, i.e., for all of us here in Finland. The automatization of quality assurance and testing for the Kela systems will surely offer significant benefits for all parties involved.” Särmälä says.

Due to Kela data repositories all incremental patient data of Finnish citizens is kept safe in an electronic format, but accessible by all healthcare institutions across the country. Ensuring the stability and quality of the services by continuous quality assurance and testing are key to a functional user experience.

Kela looks after basic security for all persons resident in
Finland through the different stages of their lives. Kela is also responsible for providing the National Archive of Health Information (Kanta) services. For more information, please visit Kanta's website.

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