CEO Per Wallentin sums up 2017

Published 20 Dec 2017

Knowit's CEO summarizes the past year and looks ahead to 2018 in Beaconomist.

When Per Wallentin, Knowit's CEO, is asked about the most important events in the IT consultancy sector durign 2017, he mentions that the focus on people has increased:

- Digitization as a concept has been replaced by more specific projects, where many clients are realizing that it is knowledge about people - how we work and collaborate with each other - that is important. Collaborating with our clients during needs mapping in innovation processes is becoming more common. We can contribute with experiments and industrialization, which is both fun and demanding. 

Per points out that the focus on people is an important priority also within the company; they want to be a company where the employees want to stay:

– This is the most important thing, both now and in the future. In the Career Barometer, we have climbed twelve places in this year's survey among young professionals. Something that we do is attracting employees, which is very gratifying.

Among the big trends he sees for 2018, Per mentions privacy:

– Discussion and debate regarding how this will actually affect our clients' business models in future, and possible also our clients' "planned" future business models. This impact of GDPR is part of this discussion and an increasing part of our businesses, where we are well-prepared with our new offering Knowit Digital Law, which was established this past year.

Full interview available here (Swedish only).

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