Advanced analysis increases profitability for logistics companies

Published 10 Mar 2017 Streamlining logistics through BI

Streamlined routes and high cost savings. These were the results when an international logistics company started a collaboration with Knowit in Business Intelligence - BI.

Data scientist is expected to be one of the hottest jobs in the future. Forbes business magazine has nominated the profession as the best for those who want a high salary combined with a balance between work and leisure, while Harvard Business Review called it "the century's sexiest profession". At Knowit, the profession is already hot, where the company's data researchers help customers increase profitability and streamline their operations.

Magnus Gyllenhammar, data scientist at Knowit Decision, explains:

"The amount of information increases every day and can easily become difficult to handle. A data scientist can tackle complex data sources and find new methods and tools for analysis that results in useful insights that can be used as a basis for business decisions.

When a multi-national company in the logistics industry started working with Knowit, it was precisely in order to benefit from this expertise. The company has a fleet of vehicles out on the roads across Europe, and a number of associated logistics centers. Knowit's mission was to streamline their traffic.

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"We worked primarily with geographical visualization," says Magnus Gyllenhammar. Geographic data is beneficial in analysis and we got a clear picture of where there were bottlenecks, as well as where logistics could be improved. By visualizing geographic data, it becomes easy to get a picture of what is happening. The critical step will then be to analyze that information in order to draw conclusions that can help the customer improve their business.

Knowit's advanced data analysis resulted in a decision basis to re-locate some of the logistics centers:

Magnus Gyllenhammar, data scientist på Knowit Decision.
Magnus Gyllenhammar, data scientist at Knowit Decision.

"Yes, we could see that the location at that time was not optimal," says Magnus Gyllenhammar. "And we could move these virtually with our tools to test what effects another location would have on costs and transport distances. Based on our analysis, the customer could decide to move three of their transportation centers, with reduced transport costs of up to 5 percent for the vehicles concerned, as per expected results. This savings not only provides reduced costs for the customer but also for the drivers and, not least, the environment through reduced carbon dioxide emissions."

Advanced data analysis can sometimes be experienced as very complex data processing. Therefore, the challenge for a data scientist becomes not only the technical problem solving but also to make the benefits clear and easy to understand. A technically challenging job but, according to Magnus Gyllenhammar, it is also a lot of fun:

"As our customers are receiving more data, there is also more and more for them to explore and learn about their organization. We are there with them and help steer those insights."

Magnus elaborates:

"Knowit is the perfect place for anyone who wants to work as a data scientist. We have a stable organization and an open environment. With us, you will learn a lot, develop, and get to try new things. In short: there are not many places that offer such opportunities."

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