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SOS alarm app

SOS Alarm's app increases safety in society

SOS Alarm is responsible for the national emergency number 112 in Sweden and ensures and coordinates emergency response when needed.

SOS Alarm, has together with an agile team from Knowit, developed an app to create a safer Sweden for everyone. The goal is, among other things, fast, relevant and reliable information in the event of events that occur in the vicinity of the user. Calls received via the 112 app automatically send geographical location, which means that help can be sent to the right place immediately.

The final delivery was developed in Kotlin and Swift, backend in Azure and JAM-stack was used for the editor interface.


Sustainability as a driver for business innovation

A world-leading producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and garden tractors. Wanted to strengthen the sustainability focus for two of their product areas. They needed to find new values to deliver to their customers through new offerings with sustainability impact and used sustainability as a driver for business innovation, resulting in a new future position as a "green space supplier"

They gained great market interest for its strategic directions and released new and more innovative and efficient solutions for their end-users. One service developed was a connected mower which you convenient control via an app. The IoT solution increases the security through theft notification and remote tracking, monitoring and control of the mower.


Seamless communication with blueGO

blueGO is Knowit’s Bluetooth framework for seamless communication and offers a well-defined API for the customer's application that reduces the complexity of Bluetooth technology, while facilitating the interaction and coexistence between different Bluetooth profiles.

Today you find the solutions in over 60 million cars, and the framework is found in both volume models as well as in premium cars from several different car manufacturers. blueGO is also used in several different industry segments, as well as in telephones and medical devices.

The software is independent of customers' choice of RTOS, MCU and BT chips, and blueGO ports are available for various RTOS devices including QNX, VxWorks as well as for Linux (Open Embedded, Mobile, Wind River Linux) and Android. It follows the development standard and is adapted to OpenSynergy.

Smart Helmet

Smart helmets increase safety at construction sites

One of the Europe’s biggest construction companies came to us with the requirement to increase safety at construction sites- The smart helmet emerged as ​a solution with the potential to put an end to construction site accidents.

The concept of having a connected helmet provides a wide range of important features, such as ability to ensure that the wearer has the right certification to operate machinery or equipment and in case of a hazard it can identify if everyone has been evacuated.​

It’s connected to a workforce management platform for data collection and the main benefits are: reduced risk of accidents on the construction site, better team management and tasks planning, health and safety monitoring, online reporting from multiple objects, real-time alarming, workforce and equipment control, location tracking and electronic time logging.​

Connected cows

Connected cows

Can you connect anything? Well, technology can be applied almost anywhere and combined with almost anything. One interesting case is the collaboration with a client where we have used the enabling features of tech and its benefits and applied it to cows.

With the help of technology, farmers can collect valuable and important data, increasing the safety and welfare of their cows. By collecting, visualizing and syncing data to the cloud, we can provide farmers with more information helping them make the right decision at the right time, based on indications in the data.

Kitchen planner

More efficient kitchen planning tool

One of Sweden's global department store chains wanted to reduce its dependence on local IT suppliers and at the same time increase its competence and control of its own applications.

One of these applications was their kitchen planning tool. Together we developed a solution where the move to public cloud services was made, which provided a modern and future-proof platform. With cloud the customer has reduced their use of traditional on-prem solutions. Instead, the use of scalable cloud platforms in the business is increasing, with the effect that less time and money is spent on maintenance, installation and dimensioning of IT platforms and software licenses.

The business’s applications now have a lower downtime and are at the same time scalable based on needs and requirements that are constantly changing, resulting in a better experience for the end-users.

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