Our resources

Employees Around 3,800 employees.

Financial strength A solid balance sheet, high earning capacity and a share listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

Clients and partners Long-term and developing relationships.

The brand A well-known and positively charged brand. A strong and clear position in the digitalization industry.

Digital solutions for a sustainable society. We strive to combine the clients’ needs and demands with a minimal impact on climate and environment. We contribute to making our clients’ businesses sustainable in the long term.

Corporate culture A company that encourages collaboration, innovation and personal commitment. Our employee promise: Grow. Create a Difference. Together.

Our operations

Governance We have a decentralized organization, divided into four business areas. The EVPs of the business areas are part of the corporate management team. The business areas collaborate in client assignments and internal resource usage. Group-wide guidelines and policies.

Four business areas in collaboration Services in tailored system development, data-driven communication, the internet of things, cloud, cybersecurity, and management consultancy.

Agile Each business area consists of independent, flexible units with a strong focus on the client’s needs and possibilities. This matches the changeable world of today, with new technology and new work methods.

Values for our stakeholders

Shareholders Dividends and value growth.

Clients Streamlining and new, long-term sustainable business opportunities.

Employees A modern and flexible workplace, with stimulating and developing tasks. Salaries, competence development, pensions, and wellness allowance.

Partners Knowit has a close collaboration with several partners, such as platform suppliers, other consultancy firms and software companies. This is an exchange that contributes to Knowit’s development, as well as that of suppliers, partners, and their employees.

Society Digital solutions that simplify and streamline for citizens, companies, and the public sector. Job opportunities in all the Nordic countries and in Germany and Poland.

Environment Aspects that have a significant impact on the environment are demographic changes, a lack of resources, and climate change. The solution is our ability to use new and existing technology. Knowit, with its competence in new products and services, such as artificial intelligence, automation, and robotization, alters development in a positive direction.

Knowit's vision, mission and strategy

We are a consultancy firm that supports our clients in digital transformation. We develop sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to higher business value for our clients. Our vision, mission, and our corporate values permeate everything we do.

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