Financial targets

In connection with the acquisition of Cybercom, the Board of Directors has updated the financial targets and the dividend policy.

The financial targets consist of:

  • Growth target: Sales growth exceeding market growth, targeting an annual growth rate of around 15 percent over time. Growth is to be achieved sustainably by continued organic growth and acquisitions.
  • Earnings target: EBITA target of 12 percent of net sales over time.
  • Capital structure: Net debt in relation to EBITDA should not exceed 2x over time.
  • Dividend policy: The ambition is to pay dividends corresponding to 40-60 percent of profit after tax. The dividend should reflect the Board’s expectations on future market development, as well as the Company’s growth strategy.

Investment case

A stable company in a strong market, historically good growth and an attractive corporate culture. Here we highlight five reasons to invest in Knowit.

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