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Mastering Double Materiality: Strategies and Next Steps for CSRD Compliance

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About the webinar

Join our upcoming webinar where we'll dive deep into the essentials of conducting a Double Materiality Assessment (DMA) in line with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Discover key strategies and overcome common challenges with the guidance of our expert panel, featuring guest speakers who will share valuable insights and real-world experiences from their DMA journeys. Plus, we'll provide a clear roadmap of the steps you need to take post-DMA to ensure your organization is fully prepared for CSRD compliance.


Brief introduction to DMA

  • DMA process description
  • Knowit's DMA model and learnings

Panel discussion: Practical insights 

  • How should you practically conduct a DMA?
  • What are the best practices?

The road to CSRD: What happens next?

  • What are the next steps after the DMA?
  • What should your internal process look like to tackle these steps?



Carl Lindesvärd
Climate expert and strategist, Knowit
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Klara Lindvall 
Expert in sustainability and CSRD, Knowit
Email me | Connect on LinkedIn