Using games or gamification to get an audience involved is often a successful method to communicate pure information or education, as well as for business-oriented content. A great concept covers both smart use of technology and processes that drive users to want to achieve goals such as competitions, performance, status, altruism or cooperation within internet communities. Together with a good user experience, it can be a tool to promote a business or effectively sell a product - or create a good learning process within a school or university. You need knowledge of user behavior, concept development, design and technical expertise to develop a successful concept that can meet both your goals and those of the the end-users.

Within Knowit we have several concept developers and technical game developers with a background in the gaming industry and of course, we have consultants with qualifications in science education. The key to a successful gaming concept is to focus on defining clear business goals. The power of gamification is extensive. We have developed many successful game concepts and educational productions for our customers, based on social media, mobile platforms or web platforms.

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