This year’s Christmas gift - for innovative refugee housing

Published 12 Dec 2017 This year’s Christmas gift - for innovative refugee housing

This year, we have once again jointly within the group made contributions to the important work done by UNHCR for refugee families, donating over SEK 150,000. Throughout 2018 we will remain a corporate sponsor of UNHCR.

This year’s Christmas gift is earmarked for innovative refugee shelters in Iraq. The newly developed type of shelter, called Better Shelter, is a kind of emergency housing that has revolutionized life for refugee families. Better Shelters are unique in that they, unlike the more common tents, have a lockable door, windows that open, solid walls, and isolation and ventilation providing better protection against both heat and cold. There is also a solar panel on the roof powering an electric lamp and enabling cellphone charging through USB.This is a much safer type of housing for women and children, who are usually particularly vulnerable in these environments.

It is inspiring to know that our Christmas gift truly makes a difference!

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