Knowit supports clients' R&D departments for a more sustainable business

Published 18 May 2022

Connectivity is a business area within Knowit that combines technical expertise and industry competence with high-tech software development. The Connectivity business area currently employs around 600 consultants who develop embedded systems and cloud solutions for customers primarily in the telecom, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Kit Gullbrandson is new to the role as head of the Swedish business, with a clear goal to develop the client offering for both existing and new clients.

"Connectivity's strengths lie in the fact that we work closely with our clients and have the ability and capacity to deliver entire development teams. Of course, we can support our clients with individual consultants, do they need reinforcement of specific skills, but our expertise is in solving larger software development needs. Some examples of areas we work in are: embedded software for  secure communication solutions for banks, and infotainment systems for the automotive industry."

Kit, new to the role as head of the Swedish operations of Knowit Connectivity, says:

"We want to strengthen our communication with clients and clarify the width of what the company has to offer, from solutions close to the hardware to cloud applications. In addition to clarifying the existing platform, we are also exploring the possibility of finding synergies, new client segments or geographical areas where we can add value."

The digital solutions that Connectivity develops together with our clients and partners are found in all areas of every-day-business. Knowit's role in society is increasing in an ever more digitalized world and it is becoming increasingly important to understand how our society is changing in order to better capture opportunities, manage risks and shape new areas of business.

"We aim to always execute our projects with sustainability and clients value in mind. In partnerships with clients, this can be done both by making fairer and more responsible choices in the decision-making process. In many cases, however, Knowit is chosen as partner precisely because the objective of the project itself is to work towards a more sustainable future. One of these initiatives that I am particularly proud of is when a project Connectivity was involved in for a major telecom, won an award earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress 2022. By installing a software in one of the customer's products, we helped them to reduce energy consumption with roughly around 30% during off-peak time of the day."

Do you want to be a part of working towards a more humane and sustainable future? See our job openings here! 

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Head of Connectivity Sweden
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