Knowit reinforcing its offering in CRM and Customer Engagement in Sweden and Norway

Published 28 Jan 2019 Håvard Gundersen and Kenneth Lyngshede, Knowit

It is both fun and profitable to retain your customers for longer and give them the best customer experience! With Knowit’s reinforced offering in customer relations and engagement, we can now help organizations gain even more success on their digital customer journey.

We are seeing a continued increase in demand for our services in digital marketing/sales and CRM solutions. This is true in both Sweden and Norway.

Therefore, Knowit is reinforcing its offering in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Engagement within Knowit Experience, one of the leading digital agencies in the Nordic region.

Understand your customers in-depth

”For several years, we have helped organizations become visible, make sales, and communicate in the right way through digital channels. New tools create new possibilities and we are now seeing an increased demand for improving both the experience and the dialogue with existing customers and users. Most organizations prosper when they understand their customers and this drives them to want to work in even smarter ways with their customer data, to create increased loyalty,” says Håvard Gundersen, head of the new CRM venture in Norway (in the image above to the left).

Work smarter with CRM

The new venture puts tools and processes at center stage, so that companies, municipalities, and authorities can maximize the use of their customer data, in order to create even better experiences.

”Customer data has become one of the most valuable assets for companies when they plan to expand their operations. With the right tools and processes, customer insights and user behaviors become a source of business innovation, brand differentiation and service customization, which can turn customers into ambassadors,” says Kenneth Lyngshede, head of the new CRM venture in Sweden (in the image above to the right).

The increasing digitalization of business processes, such as sales and communication, increases the value of smart CRM processes and tools on the consumer market, as well as in the B2B context. The last few years’ development of technology and platforms, with subscription-based cloud services, automation, and intelligent algorithms, creates new possibilities for operations to work in better ways with customer follow-up.

Leaders of the new venture

Kenneth Lyngshede has many years’ experience as a manager and business developer. His most recent role has been that of sales manager for Knowit Experience on the Nordic market.

Håvard Gundersen has long experience in business development and digital communication, having been market manager at Knowit Experience for the past few years.

About our segment Experience

Knowit Experience is the largest digital agency in the Nordic region and one of the Knowit group’s three business areas. Today, it has around 600 specialists at 14 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. With specialist areas like strategy, design, marketing, analysis, communication, and development, we create positive customer experiences and an even better customer interactions for the leading organizations in the Nordic region.

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