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Published 30 Nov 2022 colleagues at work

Knowit has entered into a new 5-year strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the digital transformation of customers in the Nordics. By strengthening our partnership with AWS, we foresee a high growth potential in cloud-related business in the Nordics. The increased collaboration and partnership with AWS will supply our customers with the latest technology and support.

The demand for cloud services is increasing with changed consumption behaviours and in step with the possibilities opened by the latest technologies. Organizations in many sectors seek to modernize infrastructure and leverage next-generation cloud technologies to drive productivity, efficiency, and new business models, and to transform the customer experience. By continuing to invest in the cloud business, we can support companies, and public organizations to accelerate their journey to the cloud and boost their digital transformation.

“We foresee a high growth potential within all the Nordic countries, and we are also exploring new possibilities outside the Nordics with our clients in both private and public sectors. Our long-term and increased partnership with AWS is a great example of how we can best continue to support our customers within their cloud journey,” says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cloud, at Knowit.

Building a Nordic ecosystem for growth

Having identified the cloud as one of the growth areas for Knowit means we can continue to develop an attractive platform for our current and future employees and partners to operate and grow. This means investing in our Nordic Cloud Academies to meet our customer’s demand for the latest competency and solutions.

“By strengthening the collaboration with AWS, we are bringing even more AWS expertise close to our customers. This means further expanding our center of excellence across the Nordics to make sure we are where our customers are. With an AWS region in Sweden and new local zones announced in Norway, Denmark and Finland, we are helping our customers to take full advantage of these great local AWS resources.” says Sami Lehtinen, AWS Business Alliance Lead, at Knowit.

“We believe in ecosystems and networking as the best way to support our customers and their changing business needs. At Knowit we are constantly open to increasing collaboration between different parties in the industry like utilizing new ISV solutions as part of our portfolio,” says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cloud, at Knowit.

New packaged solutions as growth accelerator

With a fast pace of innovation and new packaged solutions, we ensure our clients can adopt the latest technology and react fast to constantly changing business needs in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. Many companies and organizations are preferring to adopt more packaged solutions that are easier to budget with a limited risk level.

“The goal is to package more automated and managed solutions that are adding value, are easy to understand, adopt, and integrate into the current solutions. We want to continue to support and guide our customers within their sustainable and accelerated cloud journey through enhanced creative collaboration from specific industry perspectives,” says Sami Lehtinen, AWS Business Alliance Lead, at Knowit.

By increasing the collaboration and partnership with AWS, we will be enhancing our cloud portfolio by focusing on three growth initiatives we have identified together with AWS and where we already have proven success in creating more value for our customers.

A cloud-native Data Platform on AWS

By introducing a cloud-native Data Platform on AWS, we are supporting our customers to use the data in the cloud to drive the business and make data-driven decisions. The solution is modular and flexible including AWS native components to meet the different customer needs and phases during their cloud journey.

> Together with Finnpark, we developed their data warehouse based on the integration of data from multiple sources. Read more about the case.

Modernization after migration

We are bringing our migration and modernization capabilities to the next level with the new Knowit portfolio for migration and application modernization, aligned with cloud sustainability. We are also utilizing the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure a cost-efficient, secure, and sustainable cloud journey for our customers during the migration phase and afterward.

> We have been a trusted partner for Alma Media in migrating oracle databases to AWS Cloud. Read more about the case.

Next-generation MSP services

We help you utilize AWS Cloud services efficiently and flexibly. Our next-generation MSP services include a 24/7 Nordic Service Desk, on-call services, and AWS infrastructure and architecture design competence as a single packaged solution. We are evolving the offering to match and go beyond the needs of tomorrow by introducing new features, automation, and functionalities together with AWS.

> Today we are the main AWS partner for Valmet, a leading global developer, and supplier of technologies, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries, and take care of all things AWS-related, for Valmet’s platforms on AWS. Read more about our partnership with Valmet.

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