Digitalization of invoice discounting and factoring through Dploy

Published 12 Mar 2020

Dploy digitalizes and automated credit processes. Many companies want increased freedom of action and choose to hand over follow-up of accounts receivable to their banks. Dploy digitalizes and automates the credit processes connected to financing using accounts receivable.

There is a need for greater liquidity and a financial buffer, which can be managed through financing using accounts receivable. The three most common types are invoice discounting, overdraft facilities, and factoring. Finance technology from Dploy supports all of these processes.

Efficient decision support
Corporate companies that want financing using their accounts receivable upload their invoices or create them through bookkeeping systems, through which they can be digitally scanned and interpreted. The total credit score and policy rules determine if a client will get its application approved and any risk-based fees connected to the financing. Various policy rules can be tailored and implemented in Dploy.

Documentation and electronic signatures
The process is completed through an electronic signature. Dploy stores and creates PDF forms and the signature will be required from an appropriate person, based on rules regarding who is authorized to sign for a given company. Electronic signatures, review of formalities, and transfer to the central system for registration are all managed automatically.

Dploy fully automates the credit processes
The platform Dploy thus supports the entire value chain connected to financing using accounts receivable, and this in a very efficient way. The platform can be integrated with existing services and IT systems for credit scoring, documentation, e-signatures, and archiving.

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