Knowit Finland awarded for their engagement in the campaign "Dad Challenge"

Published 04 Jun 2019

The Finnish Council for Gender Equality awarded the Dad Challenge campaign in Finland: Knowit was one of the companies that initiated the challenge.

Man’s job (Miehen työ) 2019 award in Helsinki on Monday 27th May 2019. The purpose and goal of the campaign was to challenge employers in Finland to actively build a more dad-friendly work culture and to support dads in taking more time off with their families. The campaign also sought to change attitudes and share examples of how to balance family and work.

”A dad- and family-friendly attitude is something that we value and cherish at Knowit. It is totally ok that family schedules affect planning your work week. We support dads to have balance between family and work by ensuring proper paternal leave and adding flexibility in our employees’ working hours. Now, we challenge other employers to develop their ways of working, because that’s what we do every day,” says Ville Särmälä, CEO of Knowit Oy.

The campaign started in the summer of 2018, when four working dads wanted to challenge Finnish employers to develop their cultures so that dads could have a better balance between their career and family. The campaign was carried out by the work life consulting company Fambition together with TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland), Knowit Oy and Siili Solutions. Eventually, 11 companies participated in the challenge, agreeing that good employers do not expect dads to prioritize work over family. On the contrary, by creating a dad- and family-friendly culture and leading by example, we can jointly contribute to equality between working moms and dads. Well done!

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