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About us

Knowit AB (publ) is a consultancy firm that creates unique customer values by offering digital and cross-functional solutions from three business areas: Experience, Insight and Solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting and IT. Knowit has around 2,000 employees and operates in 14 locations in Sweden, five in Norway and one each in Denmark, Finland and Germany. Knowit AB (publ) is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm.

Press information and details regarding finances, corporate governance and our share are available under Financial information.

The Knowit Experience division has been described as the leading communication and technology provider in the Nordic region, and is active in four countries. We create a targeted digital presence and an enriching user experience via web, mobile and social media, helping companies, organizations and other enterprises to achieve their business-critical objectives.

Knowit Insight uses various management consulting techniques to provide tactical and strategic support. Our specialists generate ideas, give advice, and develop tailored solutions on the basis of a solid understanding of the customer’s business and operations.

Knowit Solutions  helps companies and organizations to develop their activities through a range of IT solutions. Our expertise encompasses all parts of the system development process – from ideation, architecture and project management to system development, implementation, testing and security.

Our culture

Knowit is characterized by a thorough understanding of the customers' businesses, advanced expertise, and an appetite for continuous development. Knowit is idea-driven and encourages innovation, entrepreneurialism, and personal involvement. Our staff are authorized to make their own decisions and are given the space to grow both professionally and personally. In today’s changing world, our way of working and organizing ourselves means we can arm ourselves with new technology, new working methods and new business models.

We seize upon every change in technology as an opportunity for development, both as individual consultants and as a company. We are every bit as curious and eager to change as when we started in 1990. We combine creative strength and strategic competence with a passion for technology – helping us think outside of the box and always find new ways forward.


We operate in a male-dominated business, so equality is something we take very seriously. It is natural for us to treat all people as equals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, etc. To make sure we are on the right track, we monitor and follow up opinions in employee surveys and salary reviews.

Knowit also has a network that focuses on equality issues. Called Inspirit, the network welcomes men and women alike, and organizes activities around equality issues.


Knowit contributes to a more sustainable world by being one of the largest suppliers in the Nordic region of digitalization of society. Based on our knowledge, we help our clients make sustainable choices in developing products and services. Knowit's internal sustainability work serves to decrease Knowit's own negative environmental impact over time.

The companies within the Knowit Group are committed to acting responsibly towards society and the world at large. Knowit's work with social responsibility, human rights, labor law and environment are based on the company's values and the UN Global Compact which Knowit supports.

The 10 principles of UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the UN Convention Against Corruption. The code of conduct, ethics policy, equality policy and environmental policy of Knowit are other regulations that govern and reflect Knowit's work in the sustainability field.

Knowit is a corporate partner of UNHCR and supports the work of  Sweden for UNHCR.

Code of Conduct

Our corporate culture is created in collaboration between conscientious
executives and employees and based on respect for the value and dignity of each person, as well as openness and honesty.

In our Code of Conduct we describe what this means in practice, in our interactions with others.

Environmental system certification

It is important for us to combine the needs and requirements of the client with our environmental knowledge. Therefore, we continually train our employees regarding environmental issues. Parts of Knowit are environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14 001:2004.

Download Knowit's ISO-14001 certification.

Envinromental system certification

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