Knowit supports UNHCR’s work for displaced children

Knowit supports UNHCR and their work for displaced children and families. This is done by jointly within the corporation through fundraising for UNHCR’s project “Educate a child”, a project aimed at all children and youths who are refugees and therefore cannot access education. Through the initiative “Educate a child”, hundreds of thousands of children and youths in twelve countries are given the opportunity to attend school.

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We help Wonsa become a more efficient and digital workplace

Knowit has a long-term collaboration with the organization Wonsa – World of no sexual abuse – with the goal of creating an efficient and digital workplace that encourages communication and collaboration. The work is performed on a pro bono basis by a team from Knowit that is passionate about creating digital workplaces.

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Children learn to read with contributions from Knowit

Millions of children worldwide cannot read, despite having attended school for several years. One of the reasons for this is that many of them do not have access to reading materials. Norad has, with Knowit, executed the project GDL, Global Digital Library, giving children the opportunity to learn to read.

The project is executed and financed by Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Knowit has contributed with competence and resources for the development of the technical platform, as well as the graphical design, and contributed with instructional materials and information videos.

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Coding after work – to promote interest in coding

Knowit is one of the sponsors of Coding After Work, Swenug, and DevOps ALM – so-called meetups/interest groups, aimed at people with particular interest in coding, regardless of the project or technology they work with. We take part and contribute with knowledge in the field, a place to meet, and refreshments for the participants during the events. Everyone who is interested in coding is welcome to participate and exchange ideas with other likeminded people in the field.

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Summer school with programming for kids

During the summers, we organize Codeit, a summer school for children and youths aged 10–13 years. The kids get to try their hand at programming robots, creating 2D games, setting up websites, and try out simpler app development, over the course of a week. They also get to learn more about IT use in practice – how you can create new uses by adapting available technology and what morals and ethics online entail.

To give more children the chance to take part in the summer school, Knowit collaborates with Coders without borders, which offers kids similar possibilities. Coders without borders focus on areas with societal and economic challenges, with the goal of inspiring children to choose a career in technology and IT.

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